Trades you’ll find on a construction site

Ever wanted to learn a bit more about the kinds of trades that are employed to work on your building project?
We’ve compiled an informative list to let you go behind the scenes of the trades.

1. The construction or project manager

There are many names that this tradesperson can be called. They are in charge of overseeing everything – absolutely everything! They are the first point-of-call when you have a question, and coordinate all the other trades. They arrange the delivery of materials, talk to the tradies, and make changes to the project, amongst the many other things that they do.

2. Carpenter
Carpentry is very important and will play a massive role in the success of any construction project. Carpentry is umbrella term, cabinet makers, roofers, cladders and joiners come under it. A new construction site requires so much carpentry work that it isn’t unusual to see 2 or more carpenters on site.

3. Electrician
An electrician will always appear at some point in the project. There are two stages – the initial wiring during the very early stages where there are no obstructions in the way, and the finishing stage when the electrician returns to install electricals in the kitchens and bathrooms, light fittings and all switches.

4. Heavy machinery operator 
If the construction process requires heavy machinery such as drilling machines, elevators or forklifts, it is essential to have skilled operators to run these machines.

5. Landscaper 
You will very often see a landscaper come in at the end of the project to add some finishing touches. Their tasks might include building retaining walls, laying turf, using trucks to take leftover debris away from the build, installing water run-off solutions.

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