Trust is a must

Trust is everything when it comes to building a new home or renovating. From the first communication to beyond the handover of the keys, ensuring that every part of the building process goes smoothly is key. How do you know how trust can be ensured? By knowing some potentially disastrous scenarios and how to avoid them:

-After the sales representative of the company has finished negotiating with you, you suddenly find yourself on your own. This is not acceptable – you need a company that regards customer care as a number one priority!

-You are given the name and phone number of your site supervisor and presume you will be able to contact them freely. Not so- you ring their office, email them constantly and are still waiting. You need to be able to contact a supervisor not liase with sales staff in the office who may not have a complete and thorough idea of what is happening with your project.

-The initial project plans seem cheap! Excellent, if you’re on a budget. However, variations hit. Drawdowns and amendments to contract letters that you feel the need to challenge keep occurring. The build price ends up blowing out to massive proportions and you realise you’ve been under-quoted.

-The tradespeople seem great upon initial consultation and you are assured that they are highly skilled and qualified. Until, carelessness in the workmanship results in leaking water into the house, damage, fittings not installed properly, and other issues that should not have happened. Research is needed to make sure the builders and tradies are reputable. It is essential that they know exactly how to manage their contractors and subcontractors.

-The tradespeople do not take responsibility for their actions or mistakes, leading you to waste time contacting other contractors to fix mistakes. The builder should always take the time to listen to questions and concerns you have about the building process and safety.

-The build time stretches far beyond what you imagined. 2 years later and you still haven’t received the keys to your new house. Again, research is imperative. Google them, ask for referrals beyond staff and check their website, to avoid a situation that does not suit your goals or lifestyle.

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