How to be a helpful client

We’ve all heard the tips and tricks for selecting the right tradies, builders and architects for the construction process. There is so much involved in the process of deciding who is right for your project! But, have you considered that the tradie / client relationship is a two way street? Adequate preparation is essential to ensuring the whole experience, from the planning stage to the final handover of the project, goes smoothly. Having a solid relationship with your tradespeople will ensure that the project doesn’t cost you more than it should or frustrate anyone involved. Here’s what you can do.

1. Provide as many initial details as possible. Be clear and detailed about the work that needs to be done when you’re receiving a quote. This will help the builders to decide whether they can provide adequate service for you. Do they fully understand the costs, timelines and technicalities of your project?

2. Check whether any other work needs to be done before the construction process begins. Got taps that need fixing? Get a plumber in to fix any problems to avoid the cost of further callouts.

3. Ask the builders for advice about things that can go wrong. Knowledge about why delays occur and the potential risks involved could help prevent catastrophe.

4. Establish a single point of communication with your builder. If something goes wrong, you should know who to contact directly. Also establish what channels of communication will be used.

5. Communicate via visuals. Visual communication is often as important, if not more important, than verbal communication when it comes to talking about a project. Especially if there is a lot of verbal construction industry jargon that may be misunderstood.

Fostering a good client/tradie relationship will ensure your project has the best outcome for all involved!


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