How to budget for a successful renovation

Renovations can be a daunting process. Time, money, energy and personal sacrifice all come into the mix. Renovators, whether they have been through the process before or are just starting out, all appreciate advice on how to budget successfully, ensuring a smooth financial process and profitable outcome. How exactly can you determine the affordability of a renovation project, and how do you budget for one?

-Be realistic about renovation costs and what you can afford. Prepare for the unexpected, as things never run in a straight line!

-Plan ahead and develop a spreadsheet. Use a budget calculator.

-Find out what will add value to your home by talking to an expert.

-Reconsider DIY (it isn’t always the cheaper option). If you aren’t 100% capable of doing something yourself, get an expert to do it, otherwise things can go wrong and incur more expenses.

-Make a list of the features that are important to you, and those that are not

-Choose the best building contractor; one that has great expertise and knowledge of building licencing, codes and permits.

If you are seeking an expert in renovations, consider giving award-winning builders New Creation Group a call on 8367 5111, or visiting our website to receive a free quote!

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