7 top tips for Renovations

So you’ve made the choice to renovate your home. It’s one thing to have the idea in your mind, but another to actually implement that idea! We’ve compiled some tips to help you through the daunting but rewarding process of renovations. 
1. Don’t have inaccurate measurements! A few centimetres can make a difference. The project won’t be pulled off successfully if dimensions are unequal. 
2. Work with a good design. To help you come up with an exciting but achievable plan, consult with an architect, a builder or an interior designer.

3. Don’t go crazy with DIY. Know your limitations and get the professionals to do the important jobs. There’s a lot at risk if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing.

4. Make sure the professionals you hire are fully qualified. All tradesmen involved in structural, electrical and plumbing should have a good reputation amongst their clients!

5. Be flexible and creative. Don’t stretch the budget too much, but be prepared to update elements such as painting, tiles and bathroom fittings.

6. Try to not change your mind every week! A renovation project isn’t always straight forward, but the process is smoother if your mind is fairly clear about the outcome. Changing your mind frequently can result in lost time and waste of resources.

7. Don’t skimp on good quality materials. When selecting materials, it is common for people to try to buy cheap materials. However, these may not always be the best options for the longevity of your house, or the overall finish once completed.

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